Aims & Scopes

Aims & Scopes


The main purpose of the International Symposium on Contemporary Legal Issues is to bring together scientists, experts, students, legal critics, etc. from within and outside of academia working in various fields of law to create an effective communication and interaction environment. In this context, the symposium will serve purposes such as receiving criticism and proposals of Muslim societies for modernist and populist proposals based on Islamic law and creating a discussion ground for possible mistakes of uniform modernization and legal solution. It will also lead new studies and education curriculum updates for the academic world.


From education to family, nutrition to security, earnings to consumption habits, in almost every field, importance and priorities, values, morality and crime perception etc. very rapid changes and transformations are experienced. The big differences between old topics and today's topics provide clues for the differences that will occur between today and tomorrow. A new world has been established needs, relationships, interaction and rights and responsibilities have been differentiated.

In this context, the scope of the symposium has been kept quite wide such as surrogacy, artificial meat, digital money, coins, social media, artificial intelligence, robot humans, metaverse, digital citizenship, LGBT, gender discussions, animal rights, environment and climate change.

In addition, questions similar to the following can be evaluated within the scope of the symposium: How far is it possible or possible to make a judgment by making comparisons between past events and today's events? Can we be sufficiently objective or be sensible when associating past events with present events? Can the preventive measure in Islamic law be a solution to the problems of modern societies? Will reducing the law to the legislation, the legislation to the penalty, the penalty to two points such as fine and imprisonment be enough to ensure social regulation?